JustWare Interface

Providing robust, seamless integration between two of the nation’s leading justice management and communication systems.


  • Platform agnostic application runs on virtually any host server configuration
  • Highly configurable and extensible logging sub-system
  • Friendly user interface for easy configuration and maintenance
  • Flexible field translations to accommodate differing code tables

Court Case Export

Prosecutor exports information to JustWare, triggered by the
creation of an arrest record on the Spillman RMS system.

Export Data

  • Defendant
  • Defendant Extra Details
  • Involved Agencies
  • Involved Persons
  • Charges
  • Arrest Details
  • Booking Details
  • Bond Information
  • Involved Officers
  • Involved Courts
  • Incident Narratives
  • Law Incident Details
  • Law Incident Offenses
  • Case File Detail
  • Case File Offense Details
  • Defendant Attorney
  • History of Case Events
  • Scheduled Case Events

Warrant Import

Warrants are automatically imported from JustWare to the
Spillman RMS system by the creation of a JustWare warrant event.

  • Wanted Person Information
  • Wanted Person Remarks
  • Issuing Judge
  • Involved Agency
  • Issuing Court
  • Signing Officer
  • Assigned Officer
  • Bail Amount
  • Charges
  • Miscellaneous Case Details

User Interface

Configuration and monitoring of the interface is intuitive through a web-based system.