our latest works

Web-based Arrest & Booking

An end-to-end arrest and booking application with full integration to the florida state judicial courts system

This web-accessable application saves deputies time by allowing them to prepare and transmit arrest and booking information to the jail before delivering the defendant for booking.

Zoll Interface

The Zoll FRMS Interface is a program that provides real-time EMS unit deployment information to one or more Zoll Fire servers. This document outlines the steps required to install and configure the interface on a Spillman interfaces server. The interface transmits xml encoded messages via TCP/IP socket communication.

Cal-photo Mug Shot Interface

A robust interface which synchronizes an agency's mug shot database with the california Department of Justice's state-wide database of mug shots.

This valuable tool aids in the correct identification of past and present inmates for agencies connected to the system

PDF Digital Signature Platform

Paperless document systems are inevitable in the high-tech world we live in, however legally binding signatures are tricky to do right.

Our PDF population and signing framework was built with government compliance in mind. Strong public-key cryptograhy provides non-repudiation, security, and compliance from the start.

JustWare Interface

Providing robust, seamless integration between two of the nation’s leading justice management and communication systems. click here to learn more.....