CJIS Services

The security of private and confidential information is becoming a top priority for local government as the technical sophistication of hackers continues to increase. Agencies across the country are dealing with a shortage of qualified data security personell, and are often inadeqately protected as a result. Accelerant Group offers local government another option.

  • CJIS Data Security Auditing
  • Security and Penetration Testing
  • Counter Surveillance and Private Networks
  • Digital Certificate Issuance and Validation
  • Information Security Consulting
  • Statute Compliant Digital Signature Systems
  • CJIS System Administration
  • Public Key Crypto-Systems
  • Two-factor Authentication Platforms

Top notch CJIS Qualified engineers, with over 50 years combined data security experience, will provide actionalbe guidance and advice. Our goal, is to give you the peace of mind that your data and systems are safe.

Contact us today to discuss your agency's data security, encryption, and digital signature needs. We're happy to analyze your situation and present solutions that will give you peace of mind and regulatory compliance